Dezember 17, 2016

Hiram Green stellt exklusive Düfte aus natürlichen Materialien von Hand her. Im Interview erzählt er TOBS, wie er seine Liebe zu Parfums entwickelte - und was die größte Herausforderung bei der Herstellung von Naturdüften ist.

Hiram, tell us a bit about yourself...

I was born and grew up in Toronto, Canada. After my studies in fine arts I moved to London, England with the idea of becoming an artist. That didn’t quite work out. I quickly learned that I would need a ‘day job’ to support myself. My first job was in a perfume store. Perfume quickly took over my interests and after several years I opened my own perfume store selling all kinds of unusual fragrances. After sometime, I closed my perfume store and moved to Gouda, The Netherlands.

I have lived in Gouda for six years now. Although very different from London, I enjoy it here. Everything is close by. I work and live about a minute away from the market square where all the shops and cafes are. Gouda is so small that I can get on my bike and be in the countryside in about five minutes. I like that.

What is your first scent memory?

It is hard to think of a specific smell memory. The smell of my mother’s perfume and my father’s aftershave have strong memories and associations, so does the smell of my grandmother’s house when she was cooking.

When did you become interested in natural perfumes?

It was only after I opened my own perfume store in London that I realised that most perfumes are not made from natural ingredients. I then tried to offer my customers a natural alternative and could not find anything suitable on the market. I began to experiment with mixing natural fragrant oils to try and make perfume.

What are your your four favorite natural smells?

I have a lot of favourite smells. If I had to list only would be top of the list. It is too hard to choose one. I also like the smell of the forest, especial forests with evergreen trees. Coffee. I think I like the smell sometimes more than the taste. And of course, my perfumes.

What do you like and are passionate about besides natural scents?

Apart for perfume, I am very passionate about architecture. If I didn’t become a perfumer, I hope that I would have been an architect.

What are/were your challenges for creating an exquisite natural perfume?

The challenges are ongoing. One thing that separates my natural perfumes from many other brands is that they have decent scent projection and longevity. This is not always easy to create and takes many attempts to get it just right.

What distinguishes a good perfume from an excellent one?

Hmmm ... This is perhaps in the eye of the beholder.

What makes your perfumes special and what is your brand ethos?

My perfumes are entire natural. That means I do not use any synthetic ingredients in the creation of my fragrances. I also use no ingredients from animal origin.

What inspires you in product development and how do you come up with the idea for a new natural perfume?

What I enjoy about making perfume is that it makes me feel like an artist again. Ideas for a new perfume can come from anywhere. However, when it comes time to develop these ideas into a perfume, I begin to work intuitively with the fragrant materials.

When will you create a perfume for men?

I do not categorise my fragrances as being male or female scent. In fact, I made Dilettante for myself to wear as I enjoy the smell of orange flower. Nevertheless, I appreciate that some of my fragrances are more feminine, such as Moon Bloom. Perhaps in the future I will create a fragrance specially designed for men.

What are your tips for everyday life on enjoying the world of natural scents?

Just enjoy!

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